Graphic Designer and Website development

Graphic designer uses imagery, visual art and words to create a type of communication which is a powerful tool in presenting an idea, a product or an opinion to the general public that leaves a powerful impression. Graphic designer is an integral part of website development and need a set of skills which is both innate and acquired. A good graphic designer has skills to create visual art design, typography, page layout, user experience design and computer skills.

A web design agency may employ one graphic designer to create a dedicated website or have a team of web designers, each with a particular skill set, working under the head of web designing section. Though with the advent and extensive use of computers have made it easy to design website through desktop publishing and graphic software applications, there is no doubt that a web designer needs to use his or her mind to create a unique graphic design, experience, observation and critical analysis of the material are also needed to create a good web design. This is the reason why many best web design companies head hunt the best graphic designers and are willing to pay good salaries to keep them happy.
A graphic designer acquires technological skills, experiments with the method of presentation, like style and arrangement, to reach a level of expertise that makes him a valuable asset to the web design agency. Computer designed graphic tools are readily available on the internet and can be used by anyone and everyone; however, an expert graphic designer uses them to enhance the whole effect of his or her design. A good graphic designer keeps in mind the target audience and creates a website which attracts them, creates awareness for the product and services and keeps their attention riveted. In the twenty first century where products and services vie with each other to attract the attention of the buyer, it is not an easy task to grab attention; nevertheless, an experienced graphic designer can achieve it through innovative use of technology, style and visual art.
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