How To Roll A Cross Joint In 6 Easy Steps

Ever thought about how to roll cross joint? Maybe you watched Pineapple Express and wish to recreate this experience. Even though the cross joint appears wicked cool and complicated, it is simpler to make them look cool than you may have imagined. All you will need is 3 rolling papers, a paper clip, and scissors (optional), along with your favorite smoking blend.

Step 1:
Roll 2 joints. one joint needs to be considerably larger than another. If you intend on using a filter be sure you only use it on the bigger joint. You’ll be lighting both ends of this little joint.
Step 2:
Use a paper clip to make a hole at the bigger joint.
Step 3:
Maneuver the newspaper clip round so that you make a massive hole all the way through the massive joint. The hole needs to be as large as the little joint. The bigger your joint is, the easier this component becomes.
Step 4:
Use the paper clip to create a hole at the smaller joint. This is to permit air to leak when you smoke it.
Step 5:
Add the smaller joint to the hole you left from the bigger joint. Be certain that the holes you poked from the smaller joint are in accord with the massive joint.
Step 6:
Cut or tear the gum strip off a joint paper. Utilize this strip to wrap around the middle, and also air tight to make them look cool.