What you should know about analog devices?

Analog Devices are also known as analog or ADI. It is actually an American multinational company and is also a semiconductor company which is specializing in the signal processing technology and data conversion. Headquarter is in Norwood in Massachusetts. In the year 2012, analog devices led the entire world data converter market share of 48.5% according to an analyst company data beans.
The manufacturing companies are using analog, digital signal processing, mixed signal and integrated circuits in the electronic equipments. The technology used for converting conditions and process the real world phenomenon, like sound, motion, light, temperature and the pressure into an electrical signals.

Analog devicesare having approximately 1, 00,000 customers in the industries like instrumentation, communications, consumer electronics applications, computer, automotive, industrial and aerospace or military. By the year 2004 ADI is having 60,000 customer bases and also portfolio included more than 10,000 products.
History of an analog device-
The company was founded in 1965 by two of great MIT graduates namely Matthew Lorber and Ray Stata. In the same year itself the company has launched its first product Model 101 op amp. This was a hockey puck size module which is used in test and the measurement equipments. In the year 1967, the company has also published first issue of the technical magazine and the analog dialogue.
Location of an analog device company-
Analog devices are actually headquartered at Norwood which is in Massachusetts, with all regional headquarters which is located at China, Japan, Germany, Tokyo, Shanghai, Limerick, Munich and in Ireland too.
The analog devices are having fabrications plants which are located in Ireland and also in the United States. The testing facility of company is located at the Philippines. The design centers are all located are different places like Turkey, Australia, Taiwan, Canada, Spain, China, Scotland, England, Japan, Germany, and Israel and also in India.